Training, Fitness & Rehabilitation

with Pooltrainer and Poolathlete

Effective swim training

From long swimming, longer than 30 minutes, as a classic endurance training, over short, intense workouts with high swimming frequency, to targeted swimming strength training all types of training are possible.

For effective swimming training, it is important to master a swimming technique that creates the appropriate conditions. It is not about coordination, but about the right training methods. The approach differs from training for other disciplines. The focus in effective swimming training should be on the technique.

For example, many triathletes make the mistake of not doing enough or not doing effective swim training. Care should be taken during the exercises and feedback from the body. The trick is to choose the speed of swimming in swimming training so that it is easily possible to concentrate on the course of the movement.

Back pain??

The light support provided by the Pooltrainer belt in the pelvic area optimizes the position in the water while swimming. The typical hollow cross-posture during breaststroke is thereby avoided.


Take care of your intervertebral discs before it is too late.

Already from the age of 30, the cartilage masses of the intervertebral disc begin to dry out and the attenuation of the intervertebral discs is steadily reduced.

This makes the back more vulnerable to lumbago, tension and back pain. Due to incorrect posture and an overload of the back by incorrect lifting of heavy loads often occur back problems.

The Pooltrainer helps to relieve the spine

Every doctor recommends swimming as the healthiest sport because

– it strengthens the back muscles
it relieves the intervertebral discs
it relaxes tense muscles
it does not strain the joints
it is a healthy cardiovascular workout
– it is ideal for losing weight
one consumes approx. 600 – 800 kcal per hour
he is also best suited for backstroke

How you can optimally use the Pooltrainer.

The Pooltrainer is to be used equally for all types of swimming, ie chest, crawl, back and dolphin swimming. For people with back problems and anyone who likes swimming and having fun.