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The Pooltrainer is the innovation for swimming training in your own pool. The Pooltrainer can be mounted to any pool within about 30 minutes. Once installed, the pool trainer is ready to use.

Simply strap on the hip belt and off you go.

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Whether effective swim training to train endurance, aqua-walking or technique training, swimming is one of the healthiest sports. Unlike other sports, the joints and discs are not loaded during swimming. The back muscles are additionally strengthened. Not without reason swimming therapy is so successful. The special feature of the Pooltrainer: the hip belt supports by raising the pelvis the right swimming position. This will help you avoid a wrong hollow back posture that can otherwise be very painful.

Invest in a Pooltrainer now and save yourself the money for an expensive counter jet stream!

Excellent for people with physical disabilities, visually impaired and blind athletes.

Invest in a Pooltrainer now and save yourself the money for an expensive counter jet stream!

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There are many cheap swimming belts that work with rubber or expander ropes, but the swimming sensation is permanently distorted by the principle of inertia.

Inertia principle what does that mean?

The principle of inertia states that a uniformly moving body retains its straight-line, uniform motion.

Temperature differences have an enormous impact on rubber and expander ropes, which do not bother the pool trainer (steel no big impact) and the pool athlete (fiberglass reinforced plastic no impact). No matter how often and how strong you swim, the pool coach and the pool therapist always respond equally to their swimming style.

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The non-elastic rope, which is connected to the hip belt, leads to an ergonomically shaped and slightly resilient special steel construction. About the screw position in the lug hole, the resistance can be adjusted individually and continuously. This makes the Pooltrainer not only ideal as a training device for high-performance athletes and amateur swimmers, but it is also interesting for swimming beginners and families with children.

In addition to the ease of installation and excellent value for money, the Pooltrainer convinces with low maintenance costs. While a countercurrent system consumes an average of two kW/h of power, the Pooltrainer gets by without any energy input. Its sleek design fits inconspicuously into the pool area.

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