The Poolathlete is the most innovative swim training system for the pool and the alternative to a countercurrent system. The Poolathlete system consists of a resilient plastic arm, a fixed rope and a hip belt. This concept allows swimming in the pool even with small pools from 3m in length or diameter.

Product comparison

There are many cheap swimming belts that work with rubber or expander ropes, but the swimming sensation is permanently distorted by the principle of inertia.

Inertia principle what does that mean?

The principle of inertia states that a uniformly moving body retains its straight-line, uniform motion.

Temperature differences have an enormous impact on rubber and expander ropes, which do not bother the pool trainer (steel no big impact) and the pool athlete (fiberglass reinforced plastic no impact). No matter how often and how strong you swim, the pool coach and the pool therapist always respond equally to their swimming style.


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  • Very easy installation
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Both for pools, as well as for sunken pools
  • For pools from 3 m length / diameter
  • Perfect water condition thanks to lap belt
  • Both for amateur swimmers as well as for competitive athletes
  • Suitable for swimming learning for children
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Suitable for all swimming styles (chest, crawl, back, dolphin)
  • Two-piece (small packaging unit)

Excellent for people with physical disabilities, visually impaired and blind athletes.

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“work simple”

The Poolathlete can easily be fixed on a hard surface using the supplied screws or on the lawn with the optional screw foundation. Existing pools can easily be retrofitted with the Poolathlete.