Our success story begins with the invention of Pooltrainers.

A spring-loaded, ergonomically designed special construction made of steel allows almost natural swimming behavior in all swimming pools, pools and bathing ponds from a size (diameter) of 3 meters. With the help of a neoprene-covered hip belt and a rope that can be adjusted individually, you can swim endlessly in your own bathing area. After patenting, we founded our first company in 2010. The pool trainer revolutionized the entire niche market in the swimming area.

Innovation is our life, ideas are improved and implemented.

The sports equipment was developed as a low-priced alternative to the existing product Pooltrainer, like his big brother, the Poolathlete made of high-quality plastic can be used similar to a counter current system for swimming in small pools. The belt set included in the package is placed around the waist and the carabiner is attached to the eyelet of the Poolathlete. The energy released by swimming is stored in the device and released before the next tempo. The result is a memory effect that pulls back the float.

“work simple”

Painttablet, ruler and splash guard

The most recent innovative products were the PEMO Painttablet, the PEMO Ruler with drilling template and the PEMO Splash Guard
for the little paint roller
. Painttablet the multi-tool with silicone lip on the sides for repairing walls, ceilings and fixing to baseboards.

The annoying masking eliminates this
applicable in every household, painter area, model making, etc

Ruler for removing silicone, for painting, for measuring and as a drilling template usable.

Splash guard to protect against contamination.

In 2018 we founded our second company PEMO, which stands for us as an inventor couple. We have already registered additional patents and brand names so stay tuned and visit us again on our homepage.